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Shilajit is the utmost powerful tablets that Ayurveda has ever disclosed. It is a mineral-based medicament which is found oozing from the stony cliffs. The principal fountain of Shilajit in India is the Himalaya, where on earth the Shilajit is found oozing out from the cracks of rocks in the sort of a red to muddy bronzed gummy objects. Apart from India, Shilajit is too saved in the rough areas of Nepal, Pakistan, China, Tibet and even as far as in Norway. However the Shilajit recovered in all these areas have contrasting potencies, because of the differences in the rocks immediate in these areas.

Charaka in the Charaka Samhita mentioned that the iv biggest constituents of the Shilajit are gold, silver, atomic number 29 and robust. According to the frequent composition of the elements, he sorted Shilajit as Swarna Shilajit (containing maximal gold ingots), Rajat Shilajit (containing maximal hoary), Tamra Shilajit (containing top cu) and Lauha Shilajit (containing outside robust). Lauha Shilajit is achromatic in color.

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It is too the maximum strong and the most without delay unspoken for of all forms of Shilajit. Later, Sushrut put transmit that Shilajit contains two more critical weather. They were organize and metallic element. Modern investigating has shown that Shilajit contains more than 85 minerals in antithetic ionic forms and as well a drastically powerful venomous notable as fulvic caustic. Shilajit's sequence of steps is likened to the sandstone ozokerite.

Shilajit is known by many another calumny. In English, it is popular with as Mineral Pitch and Mineral Wax. It is also best-selling by its Latin traducement Asphaltum and Black Asphaltum (referring to Lauha Shilajit). Its Sanskrit moniker way 'conqueror of rocks' (shila = rock, jit = coup). Even in Sanskrit it is better-known by one opposite calculated named such as Shilajitu, Silajatu, etc.


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Charaka has mentioned that the Shilajit can clear the unit as knotty as a rock, and that near is no bug that cannot be cured beside Shilajit. This unequalled self-assurance in Shilajit from the great guru Charaka himself stems from the information that the Shilajit is a host of several therapeutic properties. The succeeding are whichever of the fundamental properties of Shilajit:-

(i) Shilajit is an antioxidant.

(ii) Shilajit helps to breathe new life into the stressed out arrangement.

(iii) Shilajit is one of the few medicines in Ayurveda that have been classified as a cure. It is previously owned in co-occurrence beside some other herbs that are evoked to labour severely inside the body, and thus make greater alterative effect.

(iv) Shilajit helps in the shipping of materials inside the organic structure.

(v) Shilajit is a blood antiseptic.

(vi) Shilajit has properties in collective the mental representation and overall psychogenic size of the causal agency.

(vii) Shilajit is termed as a rasayana in Ayurvedic medication. That is, it is an adaptogen that helps to amend status disorders.


Shilajit has been traditionally in use in India ended respective centuries for a schoolwide sort of reasons. The stalking are some of the peak of import reasons for which Shilajit has gained its macro celebrity today:-

(i) Aphrodisiacal Properties

Shilajit is specified finest in India for its aphrodisiac properties. Its comment has been made even in the excessive Indian piece of writing of sex, Kama Sutra, scrawled by Vatsyayana. Shilajit can burgeon sexual desire in some men and women. It is used universal in the tending of impotence, upright dysfunction, low sperm count, unfortunate ejaculation, etc.

(ii) Chest Problems

Medical branch of knowledge has proved conclusively that Shilajit is utile in treating several teething troubles of the strongbox. It is utilized in the nurture of allergies and in the exposure of metabolism disorders such as bronchitis, colds, cough, pneumonia, emphysema, etc.

(iii) Diabetes Mellitus

Due to its properties as a panacea, Shilajit is wide used in the managing of diabetes. It carries the sugars in the blood to their ultimate end. Thus sweetening is not allowed to collect in the blood. This is a particularly substantial pace in the remedy of polygenic disorder mellitus. Shilajit improves the mathematical relation of the pancreas, which secretes endocrine. Shilajit is serviceable in discharge the toxins from the body done excretion. Overall, Shilajit improves the level of humour.

(iv) Nervous Disorders

Shilajit is potent in the nurture of nervous disorders. It replenishes the wear and hole to the worried group. Due to its adaptogen properties, it can mend immune disorders of the body. Shilajit helps the body to get marred mental state relatively instantaneous.

(v) Obesity

Shilajit has the dimensions to disruption downfield fat that has concentrated in the article. Since it can spring fat metabolism the within your rights direction, Shilajit is in use in the reporting of avoirdupois.

(vi) Vigor and Vitality

Shilajit is extremely popularly nonarbitrary for its completely helpful personal effects in enhancing energy and vim and vigour. It can hard work weighty inwardly the jumpy arrangement and modernize the missing get-up-and-go levels. Due to this, the individual feels rejuvenated. It essential be notable that Shilajit does not conscionable aggravate the organic structure to 'feel' energy; it in reality replenishes the vim that is straying from the arrangement.

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