The Major News Media uncomprehensible news a discovery conduct for the forestalling of cancer. Why? Is it because this breakthrough isn't a agent but a ordinary bargain-priced vitamin pill with folic acerb that can prohibit cancers up to 50%? If it were a health care provider that achieved specified incredible grades it would be in all the word reports on tv and newspapers. Is it because near is a unfairness resistant vitamins and organic process which are non-drug treatments or because within is no pro for Big Pharma?

The headline in the New York Times, LA Times, etc and the sound-bite on the CBS, ABC, NBC, FOX evening word should have read:

New Major Cancer Protective Treatment - A New Breakthrough 'Drug' That Prevents Cancers in Children -
Unfortunately it didn't. I Googled this search from the February 21, 2007, learned profession written material Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics and nada! The stellar intelligence outlets in Canada carried it but not in the Good Ole' USA unless you reckon the Redding News.

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"This is almost too ascetic an content for ancestors to give somebody a lift seriously, but they should bear it seriously," same Dr. Gideon Koren, superintendent of the Motherisk system at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto. Globe and Mail.

Vitamin Prevention Worth A Pound Of Cancer Cure

Of pedagogy the genuine source this 'breakthrough' hearsay wasn't reported on in the MNM (Major News Media) was because it wasn't a Pharmaceutical (with outstanding exposure dollars on the dash for MNM) but a ingenuous low erstwhile a day vitamin pill near folic acerbic.

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"Simply attractive multivitamins and folic sulfurous during physiological state can assistance a female parent slim down her baby's chance of budding the record customary formative years cancers by well-nigh 50 per cent, a new enquiry from Toronto's Hospital for Sick Children says." Toronto Star

"The surprising determination that a showy postscript purchased at a apothecary's shop can bar cancer as ably as a extent of offset defects adds weight to the assumption that micronutrients have long robustness benefits for the embryonic foetus." Globe and Mail.

Unfounded Bias Against Vitamin Supplements

Maybe the MNM didn't choose up the fable because of a favouritism resistant vitamins from alleged alimentation experts close to Rory Collins, Professor of Medicine and Epidemiology at Oxford University who was reported as voice communication. -

"It has been same that Americans have the richest piss in the world, because they eat a lot of expensive vitamins and next meet pee them out...There is no obedient testimony that any aliment supplements are effective. So if you are active to rubbish your economics on these unproved vitamins, you may as well spend in dribs and drabs smaller quantity ready money on the cheaper ones." As reportable in the paper - The Independent (London), Feb 9, 2004 by Catherine Nixey.

Or peradventure - the New York Times article (April 29, 2003) finishing point that "multivitamins have not been shown to avert any sickness and that it is uncomplicated to achieve large satisfactory doses of indisputable vitamins and minerals to truly reproduction the venture of disease"

For if physicians and the tidings media can't be trustworthy to get even the grassroots checkable facts correct nearly vitamins, why should any of their opinions be understood seriously? A casual air at the knowledge domain learned profession piece of writing reveals the hoax information from these two sources.

Medicine Acknowledges Vitamin Supplements- the 'Checkable Facts'

The Journal of the American Medical Association in 2002 reversed its liberal arts anti-vitamin programme by acknowledging that "it appears provident for all adults to payoff nutrition supplements"

In 1998 an Editorial in the New England Journal of Medicine was titled: "Eat Right and Take a Multivitamin."

Harvard Public Health - "Today, though, there's obedient testimony that taking a day-after-day vitamin pill makes cognizance for most adults...(and) may forestall intuition disease, cancer, osteoporosis, and separate incorrigible diseases."

A Summary of a few of the Positive Vitamin Studies

The Nurses' Health Study of completed 87,000 women showed that the - "Long-term use of multivitamins may considerably decrease hazard for large intestine metastatic tumor." Annals of Internal Medicine 1998.

A 19,000 longanimous research found Vitamin C lowered the "mortality (death-rate) from all-causes..." Lancet (2001)

A pooling of the background from various studies "concluded...that 1,000 IU of unwritten nutriment D per day is related to with a 50% step-down in large intestine metastatic tumor rate of recurrence." Recent Results in Cancer Research (2007)

If one was to read these studies one would cerebrate that supplements have a part to gambol in blocking of unwellness. Of path if one was to treat these studies and or exterior for perverse in an unseemly fashion through with studies one could peradventure present gloomy grades by discriminating investigating to scaremonger, which is a communal maneuver of Big Pharma, MNM and the Medical Establishment.

Vitamins Cost Savings to the System

Taking a multivitamin for at smallest 11 geezerhood would squirrel away the complex $58.1 cardinal as according by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) State-of-the-Science Conference on Multivitamin/Mineral Supplements and Chronic Disease Prevention. May 15-17, 2006

So there's the crux of the matter, hoard of millions of dollars to the policy which would customarily be common by the Medical Establishment, Big Pharma and the Major News Media. With a stick to 50% interference for whichever cancers, an twopenny-halfpenny multivitamin doesn't have ample net income to go around. Now you know why the 'Sounds of Silence Were Deafening for the Cancer Cure.'

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