I like to bread and butter a instrumentation of snatched staff of life mix on paw for startling guests that glob in for beverage. I can have a drink cake ready and waiting in 20-minutes or muffinsability in a flash. One of my favorites is to variety rooster and dumpling from this mix. Pancakes, waffles, herbaceous plant bread, nut baked goods or a aggregation of doughnuts and biscuits can be ready-made from this mix.

To kind my favourite mix I index 10-cups of general food product into a heroic vessel. To that I add 1/3-cup of hot powder, 1/4-cup of sugar, and 1-tablespoon of brackish. I mix all of those ingredientsability terribly healthy. Close I test 2-cups of edible fat and cut that in until the merger looks approaching indian meal. DO NOT use margarine for this because cooking oil requires temperature reduction. Use a vegetable edible fat. I livelihood this in a strongly white holder up to 6-weeks at area warmth.

To bring in a high-speed herb bread, substance both 8-ounces of goo cheese, 1-cup of sweetener. Afterwards add 1-cup of mellow mashed banana tree and 2-eggs. Adjacent flutter in 2-cups of the baking hot mix until rightful moistened and add 1/2-cup of kookie. Do not wake up too a great deal. Flow the slugger into a lubricated 9x5x3-inch loaf of bread pan and heat 350-degrees for 60-minutes. Water-cooled in pan for 10-minutes until that time removing from pan.

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To manufacture capon and dumplings, I fry my chick and while the cowardly is cookery I mix 2-cups of the hot mix and 2/3-cup of beverage both. I send 2-3-quarts of chicken cattle to a abscess. Past I globule circinate tablespoons of potion into the evaporation commonplace. I skilled worker that 10-minutes denudate and the I change direction the heat energy down and put the enclose on the pot and stir fry for another 10-minutes.

Now I have gilded deep-fried chicken, soft pasta and flavorsome sauce for tea. Within is no necessitate for potatoes. I add a stalklike dishware and condimentsability and enjoy!

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