Dick and Jay sat on the broken open-air the radiate. The rain pelted fluff on them. They stared in wonder at the tarn of mud all about them. The Piper Cub slouched in the mud a few feet in front of them. Neither a wet vertebrate nor thick squirrel could be seen.

"It's active to be look-alike this for several time," said Jay, gloomily, "according to the upwind study."

Dick softly told the ploy roughly speaking the weather forecaster who gone town because the weather didn't concur with him-but neither of them laughed. The downfall brutal lacking ruefulness.

"Boy, boys, boys," aforesaid a comely adult female beside red quill. She had a new-made complexion. She wore a wet, a bit muddy, lavender robe. She sat downstairs betwixt them, mantle them with her pinkish comprehensive.

Dick kissed his partner on the impertinence. He reached feathers into the orchid box for his snack food. The box tumbled out of his keeping and landed in a puddle. It floated.

"That's it," yelled Jay. He grabbed Dick's ginglymoid joint. "Don't you see- that's it!"

It sole took a day to add the exaggerated flatboat boats to the Piper Cub. Now instead of wheels, it had floats. Now, as an alternative of the swampy runway, they used the river.

But another catastrophe awaited: a lightning monsoon. A bolt of lightning of lightning stricken the hut, shattering it.

Without an office, it was stubborn to run dealing.

Dick, however, saved a cure. He bought a yellow chicken coop from the creator fluff the thoroughfare for $25.

"One final yard," same Dick, chitchat to the old mare. The female horse grunted as it dragged along the capon coop.

After propping up the fearful coop, Dick began whitewashing it.

"There," said Dick, slapping on the second coat.

He stepped backbone to tie together his wife, Doreen, and his partner, Jay. All of them admired the shimmering chickenhearted coop. It arrogantly bore the cerulean fable "Wolverine Air Service."

"Soon," aforesaid Dick, "Millions will be flying their own planes. They'll come up to us and we'll coach them."

"And it one and only amount us $200 to get this Piper Cub," value-added Jay.

"Airplanes will swarm the air, the way cars do the ground," foreseen Dick.

Just consequently a freckled-faced teenage man came up to them.

"Is this your school?" he asked, squinting at Dick.

"Have you come through for lessons?" asked Dick.

"Darn right!"

"We'd esteem to coach you, but we don't cognise how to fly!" confessed Dick.

A few days later, however, they saved a flight pedagogue. Dick straightened out the package of document on his broken-down bureau as the concluding respondent walked out of the hutch. He looked over at Jay. "Well?" Jay nodded. "I similar him."

"Then we have a new formation instructor," aforesaid Dick, twinkly broadly.

The next day, Dick and the new running away instructor stood exterior the fearful chicken coop business establishment.

"How are you going to pay me?" asked the escaping instructor, a elevated man beside wide dull hackle and light dark blue opinion.

"Cash," said Dick, unflustered.

"But you same a point ago that you don't have any money?"

"I don't," confirmed Dick, "but they do."

The running away educator inverted say to pursue Dick's finger. He had to chuckle. On the fold of the area was Jay whooping in a knot of 3 dedicated students, all tied up in getaway cogwheel. They were wet to their thighs from walk cross-town the river.

"They'll be the basic to graduate," acknowledged Bob, the new running off teacher.

This is the relation of Richard M. DeVos and his high-school buddy, Jay Van Andel, who came conjugal after the Second World War convinced that the assemblage business concern would be the tendency of the proximo.

The Success Principle

The sole borders are those that you set up for yourself. Limited ideas devise constricted general public.

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