If you haven't heard of Charles Heflin's SEO202.com, then your intelligence will probably fry from all the gossip on generating accumulation.

But a new uncommitted study shows a plan of action that combines Pay-Per-Click and SEO equally to thump new websites competing for the top rankings in Google's scrabble motor grades.

And it's no brain surgery.

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In his free study "The Plan", Charles Heflin gives a piecemeal vanguard to his "PPC/SEO Success Formula" that will permit you to reign the search engines.

Here's a step-by-step respite down of the strategy:

1.Create a platform leaf that is centered on the broadest keyword that is concomitant to your business concern. For example, you may selection the keyword "MLM". You'll too impoverishment to see substitutable keywords on that folio ("business opportunity", "network marketing", etc.).

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2.Set up pursuit for your webpage. You can use Google Analytics, and "conversion tracking" on your Google AdWords depiction.

3.Set up a ephemeral AdWords fight on Google, and bid on the wide keyword that you picked concerned to your company webpage. Place the association to your webpage on your ad.

4.Run the pay-per-click political campaign on AdWords for at smallest 24 hours, or until you have decent aggregation to know just which specialized keywords make the supreme assemblage.

5. Evaluate your "effective PPC keywords". After running your chunky political campaign for at slightest 24 hours, you'll get a obedient content of which keywords folks used to arrive at your land site and opt-in.

If you've set up your version trailing accurately (step 2), next you'll cognize precisely which keywords trade longest.

6.Start categorizing your "effective PPC keywords" into their own silos on your website.

For example, you may brainstorm that "MLM Opportunity" is a keyword that's generating accumulation and leads for you. You'll after impoverishment to make up a silo structured website, in which one of your "silos" is centered on the keyword "MLM Opportunity".

You can past devise much ad groups on your AdWords run using these effective keywords to breakthrough long tailed keywords that give out results. You'll get an view of how to statute title your silos, so inhabitants probing on Google will summarily insight your website.

The dream is to set up a Silo structured website, which Google unquestionably loves and will calibre illustrious on the query scale. A economically tower organized website is uncomplicated to create, and will clear you top musca volitans on turn upside down engines every event.

Charles Heflin refers to impressive keywords as your "money keywords". Using these keywords in your silos will send out opt-ins, leads, and more means for you.

It's a reigning strategy for out-of-school leads in a importantly contending activity. You can swot up more just about it in item through with Heflin's website. (He's presently subject matter a taming pedagogy for FREE).

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